Luxury Boarding

At The Cats Meow Boarding we have four sizes of suites available, the Deluxe Studio, the Luxury Suite, the Double Deluxe Studio, and the Penthouse. All suite options are designed to provide your pet with a comforting space as well as stimulation during their stay. Each suite includes vertical space for a feeling of security, comfy homemade beds for sleeping, cat-walks for stretching and pacing, and a place to hide for our more shy guests. The Cats Meow Boarding also provides soft music and time for play, petting, and scratching.

Amenities also include:

  • Ramps and shelving for playing and climbing
  • Bird viewing or TV area with our Luxury Suites
  • Custom cat structures
  • Comfortable beds and cubbies
  • Skyboxes positioned for optimum sky-high views
  • Socialization with our volunteer “Cat Cuddlers”
  • Daily email updates on request
  • Climate control
  • Access to excellent veterinary care only a block away


Other amenities available:

Cat Cuddler Specialist
House food (Hills Intestinal Diet)

Luxury Boarding

Room rates:

Deluxe Studio $30.00 per night
Luxury Suite: $35.00 per night
Double Deluxe Studio: $45.00 per night
Penthouse: $40.00 per night
Additional cats: $10.00 per night (max $50.00 per suite)
Medication: $5.00 per night
Early Check-ins (prior to 9:30 a.m.) or Late Check-outs (after 3:00 p.m.): $12.00 fee



Deluxe Studio

Our Deluxe Studios are 5’ 8” long, 3’3” wide.


Luxury Suite

Our Luxury bird suites are 6’ long, 3’7” wide.
Our TV luxury suites are 7’7” long, 3’6” wide


Double Deluxe Studio

Our Double Deluxe Studios are 11’ 4”long, 3’3” wide



Our Penthouse suite is 9ft long, 3’6” wide

Boarding Requirements

Our health requirements for boarding cats reflect our commitment to the highest standards of safety for each of our feline guests.

We require that all cats boarding with us be up to date on their FVRCP vaccination. This may be either a three year or one year vaccine. Cats who do not have this vaccine must present a note from your veterinarian explaining why and the cat must be certified in good health.

In addition:

  • PLEASE  – DO NOT get your cat vaccinated within a week prior to boarding
  • All cats who go outdoors must have a current rabies vaccine
  • All kitties will be free from transmittable diseases, e.g., upper respiratory, ringworm or parasites
  • All cats must have their collars removed
  • All cats must be flea free and current on flea treatments (Cats will be checked for fleas, if found they will be treated and the owner charged accordingly)
  • All cats aged six months or older must be spayed or neutered
  • We encourage that you bring your cats favorite toys, bedding (something that smells familiar) and treats to make the stay as comfortable as possible
  • We also highly recommend bringing your own supply of food to avoid any tummy upsets (packaging marked with name and instructions on feeding)


To make a reservation please call or email us and be ready to provide name/phone number, type of room preferred, drop off date, pick up date, and any special requirements.