Q?What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Cancellations made less than four days in advance are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.

Q?Are the cat suites private and will my cat come into contact with others?

All of our suites are totally separate units. The only cats together will be the ones sharing a room from the same family. We will occasionally recommend a single private room from the same family if on separate diets or if they don’t get along during their stay.

Q?How large are your suites?

Our Deluxe Studios are 5’ 8” long, 3’3” wide.
Our Double Deluxe Studios are 11’ 4”long, 3’3” wide
Our Luxury bird suites are 6’ long, 3’7” wide
Our TV luxury suites are 7’7” long, 3’6” wide
Our Penthouse suite is 9ft long, 3’6” wide

Q?Can I pick up or drop off on Sunday/Holidays?

We do not offer pick up or drop off on these days. We are at the facility for the cats only, for socialization and cleaning purposes. These are our only days off and are spent with family.

Q?How do your charges work with pick up and drop off times?

We charge PER DAY. Our cut off time to avoid the last day charge is 1.00pm. This will give us enough time to clean the suite for a new guest. Everyone will get a gentle reminder to pick up by 1pm.

Q?Do you live at the Cats Meow?

No we do not live at the facility. We are ten minutes away. The Cats Meow is in a commercial building and not zoned for residential use. Cats spend some time alone similar to other boarding facilities and veterinarians. Many kitties are so shy they wait till things are quiet at night to eat, use the litter box and come out and get comfortable on the furniture. These kitties appreciate the time alone. Most other kitties are used to spending time alone as well like when you are at work, shopping or spending time with friends.

Q?Will my cats get individual attention?

Absolutely! We have a team of “Cat Cuddlers”. Many of these folks are experienced cat owners and shelter volunteers who just love socializing and donating their time to the cats and their well being.

Q?Can I call during my vacation to see how my cat is doing?

Of course! We are also willing to do daily email updates to let you know how they are settling in.