The Cats Meow Luxury Boarding is a wonderful new cat boarding facility in Vancouver, WA. It is owned and operated by long time shelter volunteers and apart from the beautifully appointed cat boarding suites it also has an in-house adoption room for cats to give them a break from shelter life.

If you have a cat or know someone who has a cat in the Portland/Vancouver area, please keep The Cats Meow in mind when in need of a kitty hotel. This place is kitty paradise! Cubby walls, scratch posts, bird viewing areas, climbing shelves and ramps, TVs and viewing boxes…and fantastically dedicated owners who truly love and know cats.



Grooming is available upon request, please contact us for details.

luxury boarding

Luxury Boarding

At The Cats Meow Boarding we have four sizes of cat boarding suites available, the Deluxe Studio, the Luxury Suite, the Double Deluxe Studio, and the Penthouse. All suite options are designed to provide your pet with a comforting space as well as stimulation during their stay.



To make a reservation please call, email us or visit our Reservation Page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our facility or reservation process? Visit our FAQ page or send us a message on the Contact Us page.